Is Turf Good For Dogs?

Is Turf Good For Dogs?

At Northeast Synthetic Turf we work with many homeowners and businesses to provide beautiful turf installations. For more than two decades our team has traveled throughout Massachusetts installing amazing putting greens, lawns, and athletic turf. One of the common turf questions we get is whether or not turf is good for dogs. We have been installing pet-friendly turf for decades, and we will be the first to tell you, both dog owners and dogs often prefer our turf over the real thing.

What Is Pet-Friendly Turf?

As the name suggests, pet-friendly turf is any turf product that is safe for outdoor pets. But it is also more than that. For many homeowners and businesses switching to turf is all about decreasing lawn maintenance. Pet-Friendly turf comes with many advantages over a traditional yard for your dogs. Turf decreases the chances of ticks and fleas from hitching a ride on your dog’s fur. Additionally turf doesn’t create muddy puddles that your dogs can roll aroudn in and track indoors. Turf also has the advantage of being inedible. Dogs will often eat and chew grass which can make them sick. A turf yard decreases the risk of your dog eating grass and getting their stomach sick.

Are All Turf Materials Safe For Dogs?

Turf materials are designed with dogs in mind. However you should always ask your turf provider if you have any questions about their turf products. Not all turf products are the same and there definetly are better turf products for outdoor pets. Older/imported turf materials were often made with lead. Obviously lead painted turf is dangerous for both your dogs and your children. Always ask your provider if they are using non-toxic lead-free turf materials.

How Do You Clean Messes On Turf?

It may seem counterintuitive but cleaning a dog’s mess on turf is as easy as taking care of a mess made in a traditional lawn. All you have to do is scoop up any of your dog’s droppings as you would on a normal lawn, and then hose off the turf. Turf installations are desigend with drainage, so simply using a hose can remove any leftover mess. However, if you notice a lingering odor over time in your dog’s favorite spot, it is recommended that you use a vinegar mixture to remove the odor.

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