How Large Does My Yard Need To Be To Support A Putting Green?

How Large Does My Yard Need To Be To Support A Putting Green?

Custom putting greens are great additions to any home or property. Whether you are a veteran golfer or a novice, owning a putting green at your home provides a lot of value. You can unwind after a long week with a few rounds of golf, improve your short game, or even set up a friendly competition at your next summer BBQ. For over 25 years, our team has designed, installed, and helped maintain putting greens throughout the northeast. One of the common questions we get from clients is always “do I have enough room at my home for a custom putting green”?

How Much Room Does A Custom Putting Green Take Up

Part of the process of designing and installing a putting green is working with the dimensions of your existing yard. Many homeowners worry their yard is too small, too irregularly shaped, or that the putting green will not be able to work due to the presence of other features like a pool or playground. At Northeast Synthetic Turf we like to tell our clients that every yard is unique and different, and the best way to see whether or not you can support a putting green is by providing a member of our team your yard’s dimensions during the quote process. In order for a putting green to work effectively, you will need enough area to set up at least one hole and a stretch of green. Generally, the space from the edge of the green to a whole can vary but should be a few yards at least. There also needs to be easy drainage in your yard so any liquids can quickly roll off the putting green.

How Size/Shape Affects Putting Green Costs

The cost of your putting green can vary dramatically based on its size and shape. A smaller green with a single hole that is easy to install because of accessibility will run for a lot less than a larger green that has to fit into an irregular shape. Generally, the more basic the setup the less costs will be associated with design and installation. A simple small putting green will have straightforward material and labor cost, but a more complex design might compliment your home and backyard. The best way to find out how your home will look with a putting green and how much it would cost is to contact a local provider for a free quote.

Get A Quote on Putting Greens

If you would like a quote on an artificial putting green for your home, please contact our office for more information. We would be happy to provide a quote and give you more information about materials, design, and installation.

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