How Much Does Artificial Turf Cost?

How Much Does Artificial Turf Cost?

Synthetic turf continues to rise in popularity in America. Turf looks better than a traditional lawn, lasts longer, is easier to maintain, is safer for pets, and is becoming a more and more common home renovation project. If you are thinking about a turf yard for your home, putting green in your backyard, or simply want to know more about turf, we have answers for you. Of course, the number one question we get is, how much does this cost. Truthfully the best way to find out that answer is to talk to a member of our team directly. There are a variety of factors at play from square footage, what materials you need/prefer, the shape of the property, etc. We would be more than happy to provide a free no-obligation quote for a turf installation job for you.

What Does A Turf Putting Green Cost?

At Northeast Synthetic Turf, one of our most common projects is installing backyard putting greens. A custom putting green is a great way for any golf enthusiast to have their very own course at home. No matter the size of your yard, a putting green can help you work on your short game and enjoy more time outdoors. In terms of calculating cost there are a variety of factors to consider:

  • Size: Turf can often be priced by square footage. The larger your area, the higher the cost. Obviously, that goes without saying, but material costs are the first factor you need to consider with your budget.
  • Design: Additionally the shape of your desired putting green may factor into the cost. If you are looking for a putting green that requires multiple cuts and custom shapes to fit alongside your pool, garden, or other landscaping features, this can increase the cost. Putting greens have different levels of complexity that affect the price.
  • Material: At Northeast Synthetic Turf we recommend that anyone getting a turf installation uses high-quality turf. You can find the same brands that are used by professional sports facilities in our inventory. These materials are designed to perfectly emulate outdoor golfing conditions, while also providing durability for years.
  • Features: If you are looking to add bunkers, slopes, or other unique features, this will increase design, labor, and material costs. Once again, as the complexity of your green increases so will the quote. But if you want something wholly unique with a lot of replay value, adding features is a good way to get started.
  • Labor: And of course you need to consider the installation costs. Once again the largest factors here are the size of the project and the complexity of the project. A small simple putting green will take less time to set up and install. Accessibility to your property can also decrease inefficiency when moving materials and beginning the installation process.

What Does Athletic Turf Cost?

Our team also installs turf for athletic facilities, gyms, and public parks. Just like putting green, you need to consider the core factors that will affect the price. A larger installation will require more materials and labor, and a complex installation will require more design work and more cuts and custom shapes for the material. That being said, athletic turf installations can be a lot more straightforward, especially if you are looking for a simple geometric shape for your gym or outdoor facility.

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