Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass

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Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass

It’s no secret that installing synthetic grass in your yard has numerous benefits, but there is another advantage to add to the list. Installing synthetic grass actually has environmental benefits too! Install some synthetic green…and go green!

Saves Water

One of the obvious perks of synthetic grass is there will be no more necessary landscaping hassles that are attributed to real grass. One of those hassles is the constant watering of grass in order to have a healthy-looking lawn. Well, with synthetic grass, you can have a healthy-looking lawn without the water! According to the USGS, outdoor watering systems use two gallons of water per minute! Think of how much time people spend watering their lawns. With synthetic grass, you can put the hose away!

 No Chemicals Needed

If you’re having trouble with your lawn, the grass isn’t growing or pesky weeds keep sprouting up, you may try to use garden chemicals and other landscape materials that may be harmful to the environment. With synthetic grass, you will never have weeds or issues with the lawn, it will always be luscious and green! Therefore, there will not be a need for potentially harmful chemicals poisoning your yard or garden.

Don’t Use Gas for Your Grass

With landscaping chores, comes landscaping equipment, and with landscaping equipment often comes carbon emissions. With real grass, you need to mow the lawn consistently as well as weed whack where necessary. Unless you have electric equipment, then you are using gas-powered gear. With synthetic grass, there is no need for wasting gas and money. Synthetic grass can help reduce your household carbon footprint!


Synthetic grass has the natural look and feel of real grass, minus all the inconveniences that come with a real lawn. Although it is not natural grass, synthetic grass can be better for the environment because of these reasons, so go green, and get synthetic grass today! Contact Northeast Synthetic Turf with and questions related to synthetic grass or to get a free quote for your lawn!

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