Get Creative with Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass with Walkway

Get Creative with Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is a great replacement for real grass in your front or backyard, but why stop there? Synthetic grass doesn’t need water or sunlight to grow, in fact, it doesn’t grow at all! Synthetic grass can be installed almost anywhere, so why not get a little creative with it?

Outdoor Synthetic Grass

Outside, synthetic grass can be used almost anywhere. Use it to create clean paths in your garden, even add it on to your fence and create a Wrigley Field type look. Cover your balcony or patio, or use synthetic grass as siding on an exterior wall. Use synthetic grass to surround your pool, it offers safe soft grip but won’t get muddy. If you have trash barrels on the side of your home, visible from the curb, you can cover them with synthetic grass and make them blend right in.

Indoor Synthetic Grass

That is only outside too! Synthetic grass can be used indoors, there’s no mess, and it is safe for children and pets. Just like outside, you can put synthetic grass in many areas indoors to make it fun and creative. Put down a layer of synthetic grass in a children’s playroom. If you’re a business owner you can decorate the interior of your business location or office in many ways with synthetic grass, it will catch people’s eye and clients will remember you! Obviously, putting a putting green in your backyard is something you can do with synthetic grass, but what about a putting green in your basement? You can work on your short game year-round and wouldn’t even have to leave the house. The kids would love synthetic turf anywhere in the house, lay some down in a room and its perfect for mini hockey and other games.

Synthetic grass offers the same look and feel of real grass, but it doesn’t have any of the maintenance or needs that real grass has, and it can be installed anywhere. Synthetic grass can be used to spruce up your garden or lawn, and creatively decorate the interior of your home or business. If you have creative ideas for synthetic grass installation and want to see your design come to life, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf today!

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