Is Turf Good For The Environment?

Is Turf Good For The Environment?

One reason some individuals have for not wanting turf is that they worry that it is “fake” or “artificial”. However it is a bit more complex than natural equals good, and artificial equals bad. In fact, in many cases, a turf yard can actually provide environmental benefits compared to a traditional organic lawn.

Environmental Benefits Of Turf Yards

There are a few important environmental benefits you should know about. First, a turf yard decreases water consumption. If you want a good-looking front yard your natural grass needs to be watered regularly. Not only will this drive up your water bill but it is also a waste of clean water. Additionally, turf doesn’t require harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Harmful chemicals from these products often seep into the soil or are washed into nearby rivers and ponds when it rains. But an eco-friendly turf installation doesn’t require any of these harsh chemicals. Turf is also maintenance-free. That means no lawnmowers, leaf blowers, or edgers. Powered landscaping tools cause air pollution and can contribute to the greenhouse gas effect and increase carbon emissions.

Eco-Friendly Turf Products

Many turf products are actually made of recycled materials. In fact, turf itself is recyclable. It is possible to buy “used” or “recycled” turf which decreases any pollution that might be caused by manufacturing new products. Depending on the turf you get, you may find that owning a turf lawn is actually better for your local ecosystem than staying with your natural lawn.

Environmental Hazards Related To Turf

Not all turf products are the same, it is important to discuss the environmental impact of your turf yard with your turf provider. Some ecologists do worry that replacing a natural lawn with a turf lawn will decrease livable ecosystems and natural habitats. However, if you were already using pesticides or weed killers, changing to turf might actually be better for the environment since you will decrease damage caused by run-off. Ideally, if your goal was to have the best yard for the environment you would have a natural yard that you do not maintain in any way. Landscaping can create air pollution and disturb natural habitats. Chemicals in pesticides can end up deep in the soil and in local water sources. A turf yard is the best of both worlds. You can have a maintenance-free yard that looks good. By decreasing maintenance, you are decreasing costs for yourself, work, and negative environmental impact.

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